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When I am not making kilts I quilt. Preemie quilts are a great way to begin quilt-making. You can learn different techniques and help a family at the same time. Preemie quilts generally can be anywhere from 16″ x 20″ to 18′ x 24″. Some quilts can be large enough to cover the bassinet to stimulate the womb and studies have shown babies do better without the bright hospital lights surrounding them.

Preemie quilt

Half-triangle squares are very easy to do. There are several ways to create them and you can use up scraps in the process.

Preemie Quilt

The square in a square block looks hard, but it really isn’t. There are multiple ways to achieve this look as well.

Preemie quilt

Half-triangle squares just arranged differently. A border will be added to this quilt.

Preemie quilt

Half triangle squares with a couple borders. The one border breaks up the blue and uses up scraps.

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I made this quilt for my grandson. The bunnies are from the book “Gramma’s bunnies.”

They inner border represents the mountains that surround Tucson Arizona at the time. 


This was made for my grandson. The rockets pattern is from “Kids Quilts”. I used the pattern years ago for one a quilt for one of  my sister’s. 

Row Robin

Row Robin quilts are quilt made with friends. Each person does a row and everyone ends up with their own unique quilts.

Round Robin

Round Robin quilts are similar to a Row Robin quilt. Quilt friends make blocks and in the end everyone gets their own quilt.


I really liked how the border turned out.