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My name is May Lyn Wake and I began my kiltmaking odyssey in 2010. 

My husband I have recently moved from Nebraska to the mountains of North Carolina. I hope to continue to make bespoke kilts… a kilt made just for you… to your measurements. My kilts are literally all over the country.

My kilts are made by hand… stitching the pleats on the right side of the tartan, as one does. Traditionally, a kiltmaker would be right-handed. I am not, but I stitch each pleat with my right-hand.

I also alter kilts… that can be a bit tricky… but not impossible.  There’s a lot of labor involved in altering a kilt. First, taking it apart and then re-sizing it. It could be a simple fix or not… but it could run somewhere between $50.00-250.00… prices vary depending on the extent of the alteration.

Previously, I was a tailor at Colonial Williamsburg. I made 18th century clothing with 21st century machines and a lot of hand-sewing.


 Contact me at: may@Irishilltailoring.com



                        Tools of the trade


Isle of Skye pleated to the sett
Colonial waistcoat
Colonial waistcoat